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    • Dr. Feng Chao


      ◆ PhD/postdoctor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

      ◆ National "Thousand Young People"

      ◆ "Outstanding Youth" Fund Project of Jiangsu Province

      ◆ "Distinguished Professor" of Jiangsu Province

      ◆ "Double Innovation Talents" in Jiangsu Province

      ◆ Specially-invited expert of Shaoxing City

    • Cui Xiaogang

      Director of Marketing

      ◆ Master of Applied Chemistry from Nanjing University of Science and Technology
      ◆ 15 years + corporate management experience
      ◆ Previously held an important management position in Hengrui Pharmaceutical
      ◆ 2 national authorized patent

    • Dr. Mao Jianyou

      Technical director

      ◆ Joint Ph.D. of China Agricultural University/University of Pennsylvania
      ◆ Postdoctor from University of Pennsylvania
      ◆ "Outstanding Youth" Fund Project of Jiangsu

    • Dr. Wang Yahui

      Production manager

      ◆ Doctor of the Catalan Institute, Spain
      ◆ Postdoctor of University of Bristol, UK 
      ◆ Marie Curie Fellow
      ◆ "High-level Returned Overseas Talents Funding Program" of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

    • Dr. Zhu Chuan

      Quality supervisor

      ◆ PhD, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
      ◆ Postdoctor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
      ◆ "Doctor of Double Innovation" in Jiangsu Province

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